What we do!

What we do…We provide you or your organization with high quality video services.

what_we_doAt Sweaty Turtle Entertainment we enhance your business with video services in a personal, creative, and affordable way.

  • Training & Educational Videos
  • Capturing Corporate Events
  • PSA’s & Promotional Videos
  • Documenting Trade Show Events
  • Concerts, Fashion Shows, Art Events
  • Television Commercials

Whether for a small business or a non-profit with a small budget or major corporation, Sweaty Turtle Entertainment can accommodate you with our affordable film trailer quality video services. Be it a comedic spot or serious message to impart, our versatility and ability to capture the emotion of the moment are just a few of our greatest skills that we put into every project no matter the size and scope. And we are willing to travel to all points of the globe for our clients in order to obtain exactly what you want.

Based on the New Hampshire seacoast, our award winning creative team of writers, cinematographers, editors and artists are available and eager to help you develop and produce the perfect cinematic mural for your business.

We offer a free creative consultation and work closely with you, from the very beginning of the creative process. From the conception, writing and storyboarding of your business story, through casting, locating and filming, we are your team, collaborating with you to ensure that what is being captured is precisely what you want. We capture all that is vital to ensure a quality production all the way through final post production polish. And of course you can be there to watch the proceedings, and even be your own spokesperson. (We have ways of making a person relaxed on camera muahhahaha.) Actually Rick’s journalism background helps to bring out the conversationalist in those who might otherwise feel awkward talking to a camera in a gentle and easy conversational manner.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary creative consultation and discover just how we can help you with your promotional video needs.


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