Our Films

Since 2005 we have been producing  award winning features, short films, and television shows. We are always eager to collaborate with screenwriters and fellow filmmakers on projects and offer our services to their projects as well.

We also are available for the following services:

  • Producing BTS “making of” vignettes
  • Casting
  • Directing/ Assistant
  • Production Assistance
  • Locations Scouting and Management
  • Script Supervision
  • BTS Photography
  • Script Doctoring
  • Props
  • Set Design
  • Cinematography
  • Sound Recording

contact Rick at [email protected] to open up a dialogue on how members of our team can help to benefit your cinematic murals.


“Brothers in Communion”– Inspired by a true  story.  It is the tale of two brothers spiraling descent into the street life of San Fransisco amidst drug abuse and mental illness.

“The Bond” – A B-noire thriller. The story of a young couple finding themselves in the middle of a series of ritualistic murders.

“Fraternitas” – Our award winning feature that tells the story of an award winning journalist and recovering drug addict’s return to his alma mater as a professor.


In Production:

“The Sugar Shack” – A documentary about the legendary Boston Soul Club. The artists who played there, the man, Rudy Guarino, who ran the show and the reason why it was an oasis of peace and racial harmony while all around Boston smoldered with racial tensions.

In Development:

“Beyond Perdition” – A post apocalyptic tale of how four people come together and overcome tremendous obstacles as the lone inhabitants of the planet following a cataclysmic nuclear holocaust.

“Anatomy of a Crime Reporter” – A limited docuseries focusing on the top 10 crime stories that Turtle Creative Director Rick Dumont covered as an award winning journalist in the Souhegan River Valley of New Hampshire.



Have a story you’d like to have produced?

Are you an aspiring screenwriter looking to have your story produced? Have a television show concept you’d like to develop and have produced? Well talk with us. We always welcome new ideas and love to collaborate.

About Him– Dark comedy. Adapted from the short story by New Jersey author Adele Schwartz. The story of a lonely woman trying to find her soulmate in the personal ads of newspapers.

To get in touch with us please email [email protected].



Video audio books

“Variant Text” a short story by Kat Howard. In Variant Text Kat explores what it means to be a true artist and the unintended consequences of abandoning yourself to your medium. Literally.