The Bond (film) 2011

The Bond (film), 2011

Murder Your Darlings

A young woman is haunted by a series of unspeakable murders in a small New Hampshire town. Shot using the Red One camera by Emmy award winning cinematographer Christian Munoz-Donoso this neo-noire is sure to send chills throughout the nervous system.

A Teaser

official selection laurels 2014


jennie leonard as bethany st. george
john moynihan as jac st. george
tj davis as det. sean jonez
john depew as mark jameson
allison luke as sarah
ad frank as barry
roxanne nicholsas willow
audrey johnsonas anna wardly
vanessa leighas maria
william o’malleyas ned van hostin
scott giangrandeas sgt dave panta
jon brooks asdan blifordi
jenn watson as jeannie barbaanski
aaron firicano as dallas johnson
laura mcalevey as mom
megan murphy as hannah
jason korolenko as the waiter
andrew gerst as david
eliot johnston as officer fred
jeannie brome as the rookie
jeremy o’neail as officer joker
bob desjardins as the sheriff
robin larson as ryan the forensic photographer
carlyne fournier as susan wartrip
>christine hunt as ashley hall
rene girouard as jeremy
cindy bistoury as rhonda billingsley
holly travis as lisa jonez
alicia knight as jazmyn blu
karrie whitfield as minx
whitney williams as jade
aurora grabill as jet
stina rice as sabra
damian raymond as michael
steve vaughn as the photographer
Nick Kobus as a bouncer
Chris Bomegen as a bouncer

Will Colby
Anastasia Vouzikas
Scott Galencia
Geoff Ranfos
Sue Sexton

News camera persons:
Susan Jennison
Kyle Petty

Jenny Butrym
Jake Taylor
Bobbi McClellan
Beth Eisenberg
Dakota Bassi
Nikki George
Rick Dumont
Carla Bonney
Nate Desjardins
Robert Ferdinand
Jeff Paduchowski
Christian Munoz-Donoso

A Sweaty Turtle Entertainment production
a pip films presentation

Executive Producers: Rick Dumont, Carla Bonney

in association with  Megan Sacco of Lady Haunter, LLC.

Associate Producers: Laura McAlevy, Sue Jennison, Nate Desjardins

Edited by: Brett Perry
Director: Rick Dumont
Director of photography and lighting: Christian Munoz-Donoso of Equilibrio Films
Director of Sound: Jeff Paduchowski of Paduchowski Media, LLC
First Assistant Director: John Depew
Second Assistant Director: Diana Porter
Choreographer: Jenny Butrym
Effects: Jeremy O’Neail
Key grip and gaffer: Jeff Paduchowski

Written by: Rick Dumont, Carla Bonney, Jason Korolenko
Artistic visionaries: Mary Pereira, Jennie Leonard, Jeanne Brome, Carla Bonney, Rick Dumont, Jason Korolenko, Nicholas King, Roxanne Nichols
Police Consultant: Robert Desjardins, Atkinson NH Police
Hair and Makeup by: Dakota Bassi, Nikki George, Valerie Lavoie
Production Assistants: Robert Ferdinand, Cole Morgan, Jake Taylor, Bobbi McClellan, Soso Whaley, Nate Desjardins, Kyle Petty
Photography by: Jake Taylor, Bobbi McClellan, Soso Whaley, Robin Larson
Casting by: Rick Dumont
Locations: Rick Dumont
Costuming: Kim Dudley
Set design: Alicia Knight, Carla Bonney, Rick Dumont, Diana Porter
Special script consultant for story flow continuity: Jennie Leonard

Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women – “Winterthru”
Missy Johnson – “Badly Behaved”
Sunlee Sunbeam – “Naked”
Humanwine – “Big Brother” and “Rivolta Silencioso”

Special thanks:
Marianne Sylvester for being a tremendous sounding board
Wilton Town Hall Theatre, Wilton, NH
RJ’s Bar and Grill of Dover, NH
The Milford Cabinet, Milford, NH
Johnny’s Bar and Pizzeria of Hudson, NH
Milford NH Police and Ambulance Depts.
Garden Party Florist of Milford, NH
Kittens Gentlemens Club of Salisbury, Ma.
Baldface Books of Dover, NH
jenny and chris for their home
sooz watson and her farm
Wildcat Pizza of Durham, NH
Spinners Pizza of Lee, NH
Pasta Loft of Milford, NH
Weeksies Pizza of Dover, NH
Laura McAlevy and her family