Fraternitas (film), 2020

Fraternitas (film), 2012

winner Best Feature Film 2020 NYC IO Film Festival

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Ken Dumanski is a celebrated entertainment journalist. He is a family man, with a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters, but he is flawed. Clean and sober, Ken seeks the quiet life of a professor at his alma mater. Has he finally conquered his demons or will they continue to haunt him?

From Executive Producers: Howard Platt and Rick Dumont

Fraternitas: The Trailer

The Cast

Diana Porter as Stephanie Dumanski
Kirst Callahan as Ashley Mullen
Rick Dumont as Ken Dumanski,
Sheila Nichols as Doc Martin
Karrie Whitfield as Dr. Donna Vionzi,
Karl Zahn as Michael Mandrake
Vanessa Leigh as Professor Kim Schlossberg
Tim Connell as Madham Police Detective Curtis
Jane Bartholomew as Madham Police Detective Bergeron
Taylor Smith as Cindy, student and Little Sister to the Tau Sigma Fraternity
Aurora Grabill as Denise, student and Little Sister to the Tau Sigma Fraternity
Ad Frank as Ad
Sarah Rabdau as Sarah
Richard Dumont as Young Ken Dumanski
Taylor Kudalis as Young Stephanie Dumanski
Van Brockman as Redeye
Justin Traffordas Train
Julian Lowenthalas Kid Charlemagne
James Bakeras Bdawg
David Tamarin as Bernard
Nina Butrym as Hannah Dumanski
Ariel Bonney as Sarah Dumanski
Roxanne Nichols as the clerk
Heather Conroy as defense attorney Rachel Stevens
Shannon Folsom as the girl

Ashley Musk as Elizabeth
Stevo Wu as Bill the Tau Sigma pledge
Monica Saviolakas as Chantel
Christine Hunt as the prosecutor Jill Chadwick
Katherine Taylor as Marilyn Martin
Mark Resnik as the Judge
Audrey Johnson as Danielle
Dan Greenleaf as Dr Fernwald
Robin Larson as Tau Sigma brother “Syracuse”
Kat Sascrainte as Kate a Tau Sigma little sister
Heather Hassler-Pelletier as Serena
Brandon Pelletier as Tau Sigma brother “Dirty Hippy”
Callie Cooper as Lisa
Marissa Denman as Carol
Hayley Mah as Student
Brooke Solomon as Student
Sean Callahan as Henry

Danny Ramirez as Guard #1
David Afflick as Guard #2
Jonathan Shepherd as Guard #3
Gary Kudalis as Guard #4

Robert Boudreau as Prisoner #1
Lee Simonds as Prisoner #2
Manny “kilo turner” Jagroop as Prisoner #3
Cesar Chanlatte as Prisoner #4
Joseph Oliveira as Prisoner #5
Christopher Davis as Prisoner #6

The Production Team

Executive Producers:
Rick Dumont
Howard Platt
David Tamarin

Ashley Musk
Kirst Callahan
Matt Tokanel
Ali Ricciardone
Karl Zahn

Bill Nichols

Rick Dumont
Brett Perry

Art Director:
Carrie Buczynski

Director of Photography:
Jacob Benjamin Taylor

Additional Cameras:
Bender St. James
Bobbi McClellan
Pam Severns

Lee Kenyon
Robert Ferdinand
Diane Kudalis
Michelle Hutchins

Hair/Makeup Director:
Brittany Lambert

Additional Makeup:
Samantha Joyce
Sheila Nichols
Ashley Musk
Carla Bonney
Hayley Mah

Wardrobe for Diana Porter provided by:
Julie Kontos

Costume Designer:
Amanda Tyler
Angela Sanscrainte

Lee Kenyon
Kirst Callahan
Angela Sanscrainte
Rambunktious Glass
Danny Ramirez

Special FX Makeup:
Jackie Hunt

Story by: Rick Dumont

Screenplay by: Rick Dumont

Contributing Writers: Jayne Goode, Carla Bonney, John Moynihan, Kirst Callahan

Artistic Visionaries: Jacob Benjamin Taylor, Diana Porter, Jayne Costello, Kirst Callahan

Production Assistants: Matt Tokanel, Kirst Callahan, Robert Ferdinand. all of us.

Music by: Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women, Sarah Rabdau and The Self Employed Assassins, Missy Johnson.

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