Brothers in Communion (film) 2009

Brothers in Communion (film), 2009

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Chris Lobdell as Voodoo
Allison Luke as Laurel
Karrie Whitfield as Rayne
Rick Dumont as Stick
Teddi Kenick-Bailey as Skunk
Tyrone Alcorn as Roni
Ty Snitko as Twitch
Adam Phoenix as Mother
Patrick Curtis as Neil
Ryan Troiano as Todd
Jeannie Lin as Minx
Nicole Trabucco as Cleo
Priscilla Brown as Nica
Jessica Costeines as Penelope
Richard Dumont as the sacrificial lamb
Katie McDowell as Sompe
Kashia Skolassa as Star
Douglas Hernandez as the Chef
Anthony Geremia as the doorman
Jamaica as a hoopster
Genevieve as a hoopster
Ad Frank as the restauranteur
Heather Dickson as the hostess
Kalev as the man
Mike Pfaff as mr jonz
Dave Cummings as SFcop
Giovanni Panteleo as SF cop
Paul Ahern as Boston Police detective
Tracey Ahern as Boston Police detective

Lauren Dumont
Tim Dowling
Mike Staiti
Jamie Whitfield
Jamie Martin
Thom Martin
Katrina Galore
Sue Jennison
Heidi Bourgeois
Jennifer Marvin
Seth Chatfield
Tyson McCormick
Mike Webb
Daymond Steer
Ty Snitko
Adam Phoenix

Directed by: Rick Dumont
Cinematography by: Dana Glidden
Written by: Rick Dumont
Assistant Director: Dana Glidden
Edited by: Rob Roy, Dana Glidden and Brett Perry
Mugging Choreography: Ty Snitko

Artistic Visionaries:
Chris Lobdell
Karrie Whitfield
Dana Glidden
Ty Snitko
Adam Phoenix
Rick Dumont
Carla Bonney
Mike Dumont

Contributing Writing:
Chris Lobdell
Karrie Whitfield
C. Michael Dumont

Music by:
Ad Frank – “Pillar in My Soul”
Missy Johnson – “Tumbleweed”
The Ferns – “Junkie”
Rob Roy – “Bleed”

Special Thanks:
Majestic Motors of Merrimack, NH
The Pearl of Peterborough, NH
Nuggets Records of Boston, Ma
The fine folks of Pan 9, Allston, Ma
The Hollis and Merrimack NH Police Depts.