Special Thanks to Pet Passages

We would like to give thanks to Pet Passages for their generous support! Our deepest gratitude to our generous sponsor Pet Passages of NH supporting our Nico Underground performance at the Music Hall. Sponsorship makes it possible for us to offer culturally entertaining events to the residents of Portsmouth, NH and it’s surrounding areas. “Being a part […]

Giving Thanks to Supporters of the Arts!

This month we are celebrating the much-anticipated LIVE PERFORMANCE of Nico Underground at The Music Hall. Piscataqua Animal Hospital and Somersworth Storage have partnered with us as a co-sponsors for this event. Without such fantastic supporters of the arts, Sweaty Turtle Entertainment, LLC would not be able to put on such exciting events as Nico […]

Tammy Faye Stars as the Iconic Warhol Muse and Velvet Underground Centerpiece Nico

The Velvet Underground’s resident femme fatale, reincarnated onstage! Many of us have been led to believe that Nico, the dark eyelined, bangs in the face and controversially racist Velvet Underground singer, Warhol superstar and film actress died in 1988, but you’d be mistaken. She’s been reincarnated by Tammy Faye Starlite. Starlite’s performance is “remarkable and […]