The Turtle

“making the impossible possible every day”


Creative and thoughtful professional videography services for: promotional videos, educational videos, training seminars, testimonials, concert and music videos, feature and short films, television, live events.

Through the production of  cinematic murals  we seek to incite, amaze and provoke audiences and are dedicated to giving voice to the stories that fill our lives with joy, wonder, thrills, chills and laughter from our triangle of the globe in Madbury, NH.

We are the creators, the producers the facilitators of dreams. We are a collective, an ensemble that partners with those artists who are interested in seeing new and innovative artistic productions come to life and lend a hand to those creative minds that seek to nurture it to adulthood. We treat our feature films, television shows, commercials and concert video projects as our babies generating the best project that is possible.


In Feng Shui, the turtle is the symbol of wisdom and stability, and represents the northern sector of the compass. He gravitates towards the energy that will welcome and nurture these qualities, and in return the turtle shares the glory, and passion of being creative and like its shell, carries that passion everywhere. It is symbolic, auspicious, and timely, then, that The Turtle is making his trek north in 2014, with the addition of our Canadian partner, Maggie Christi. The Turtle is expanding his range of influence and inspiration, since our films are now available for distribution in Canada.

We here at The Turtle, also understand that we are part of a greater community and as such, we seek to help not just entertain. To that end, we produce exhibitions of art to help raise money for local level organizations that support and assist victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, animal shelters and more.