The Team

Our Crew

Troy Kidwell

Troy is our composer. As a long time musician who has fronted several bands and Berklee College of Music Professor, Troy has joined the Turtle as our composer. He has brilliantly recorded, mixed and mastered the score to our feature film The Bond, the short film About Him and is ready to create the perfect musical piece to accompany a promotional video for our clients.


Monica Nagle

Monica is a ridiculously talented singer/songwriter, author and artist and in addition has blended her talents as a grant writer to help develop projects for various non-profit organizations to help bring about a positive message for society as a whole.



Ken Siddons

Ken is an extraordinarily talented actor having played roles in such productions as Vinyl and The Equalizer along with several of the Turtle’s productions. He is also a major force behind the camera doing everything it takes to make a production a success. From being a sound recorder, boom operator to assistant director and production assistant Ken is an absolutely invaluable member of the Turtle team.

Elizabeth Wicander

Elizabeth is an incredibly talented and versatile young actress who has performed in a variety of projects with the Turtle over the past several years. She is also one of our most reliable members of the team behind the camera. She is a very hard working production assistant handling a variety of jobs in order to ensure a successful production.

Team Player maggie christi

Maggie Christi

Maggie is our north of the border team player who not only is an artist, the co-writer of our series “Beyond Perdition” but also the one to contact about lining up screenings and projects. She is also an extraordinary artist, practitioner of numerology and THE person to talk to about bringing feng shui into your life and surroundings.




Team Player roxanne nichols

Roxanne Nichols

She is invaluable with a wildly creative mind on set design, scene structure and story lines. She is also the spiritual balancer and purveyor of positive vibes. Roxanne is also one of our key actresses in various productions and in the real world is a Reiki Master, a Hypnotist Healer and so much more. Her studio at Bliss Body, in Stow Mass, is a place where you can certainly find solace or assistance in uncovering your direction in life.