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Brothers in Communion: Inspired by a true story. East Coast brothers Stick and Voodo reconnect in the drug addled street world of San Francisco. Starring: Allison Luke, Karrie Whitfield, Chris Lobdell and Rick Dumont. Featuring Mike Pfaff.

The Bond: A B neo-noire thriller. A woman is stalked by a mysterious individual who is killing her friends. The cops think it’s her husband, but is it? Starring: Jennie Leonard-Moynihan, John Moynihan, Tajoura Davis

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About Him: dark comedy short. Can a woman find true love in the personal ads of a newspaper? The trials and tribulations of Corrine’s search as she desperately longs for her prince. Starring: Diana Porter, Liam O’Neill, Steven Lawlor-Jones, Mark Resnik.

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